Creating the conditions for a Future Fit HR Team

Through our Training, Consulting, and Community GrayFeather help HR Teams to make the change, to work faster, kinder, and more purposefully by upgrading their ways of operating for the 21st century.

Training and Consulting

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Future Fit HR Culture

Our comprehensive 4 phase cultural transformation approach for organisations commences with a deep dive into the current culture and then the heavy lifting to engineer and steer the change you want to see.
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Agile Transformation Solution

Agile transformation is a systemic change for an organisation that requires change in mindset, culture, leadership, structure and work practices. Grayfeather takes a comprehensive approach to Agile transformation through a systematic approach.
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Future Fit Employee Engagement Solutions

At Grayfeather Consulting we have adapted world-renowned Human Resources thought leader, Josh Bersin’s framework for engagement, for post-conditions. We use this framework as the basis for employee engagement audits, strategies, and plans.
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Future Fit Talent Acquisition Solutions

A range of services and solutions to improve your recruitment process at every point of the recruitment funnel. We partner with some of the best and most innovative recruitment technologies to help you create an optimal process and a world-class experience for your candidates.
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The education provided by tertiary institutions are still often focused on the post-industrial models of HR that assumes a hierarchy and subservient employees. With outdated education and many years of exposure to traditional thinking and practices, HR teams are struggling to update their thinking and their skills.

GrayFeather’s learning and training programmes for HR leaders and teams are designed to provide them with the knowledge of the systemic trends and developments to become a Future Fit. From Agile HR, to designing HR delivery models, to overcoming the dysfunctions of an HR team, to HR leadership programmes. Our training is available across the world and can be delivered either in-person, online, or for those organisations with training delivery capability of their own, we provide and deliver the content in a train the trainer format.


Unlike other consulting firms we take a systemic approach leveraging critical levers within The Future of Work, Future Operating Models and Future Fit Culture, in order to help HR teams change the conditions of the game, so their organisations are better placed to cope with the new challenges of an exponential digital age.

We focus on the conditions that bring about greater adaptability, agility, purpose, innovation and collaboration. Conditions that create a more empowered, engaged, and resilient workforce, and a Future Fit organisation.


Group level productivity & innovation

Creating the conditions for seamless knowledge flow, to best serve the customer, and with it enabling a balance between corporate stability and startup agility with the relationships, governance, and capability to best achieve the strategy.​
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Individual productivity & innovation

Designing the work and work practices and planning for future skills to create conditions for employees to perform and be productive. Understanding that work is changing as a construct and the critical need for the delivery of your value proposition.


Group and Individual​ Energy & Motivation

Increasing the emotional commitment people feel to the strategy and the passion they bring to their work.​ Creating the conditions that drive the mindset for adaptability, empowerment, and entrepreneurship.


Our Community of Practice is made up of senior HR directors and managers, as well as consultants and specialists in the space.

We focus on modern people practices with the aim of adding value for each other by increasing our learning and support circles. The common purpose amongst the group is the desire to create kinder, more diverse, more inclusive, and more empowered workplaces of the future.