Creating the conditions for a Future Fit organisation

At GrayFeather we help organisations to make the change, to work faster, kinder, and more purposefully by upgrading their ways of operating for the 21st century.

In the new world, it’s not the big fish which eats the small fish, it is the fast fish which eat the slow fish.
Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

Conditions Are Key:

Unlike other consulting firms we take a systemic approach leveraging critical levers within The Future of Work, Future Operating Models and Future Fit Culture, in order to change the conditions of the game, so organisations are better placed to cope with the new challenges of an exponential digital age.

We focus on the conditions that bring about greater adaptability, agility, purpose, innovation and collaboration. Conditions that create a more empowered and resilient workforce and a Future Fit organisation.

Within the GrayFeather framework we offer systemic solutions around the three key areas of The Future of Work, Future Operating Models and Future Fit Culture, with a specific objective for each:


Group level productivity & innovation

Creating the conditions for seamless knowledge flow, to best serve the customer, and with it enabling a balance between corporate stability and startup agility with the relationships, governance, and capability to best achieve the strategy.​
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Individual productivity & innovation

Designing the work and work practices and planning for future skills to create conditions for employees to perform and be productive. Understanding that work is changing as a construct and the critical need for the delivery of your value proposition.


Group and Individual​ Energy & Motivation

Increasing the emotional commitment people feel to the strategy and the passion they bring to their work.​ Creating the conditions that drive the mindset for adaptability, empowerment, and entrepreneurship.

We also ensure the key players are enabled

We offer unique development programmes for the key enablers within the organisation, from HR, to IT, and Leadership. We do this because the change cannot come from an outside consultancy but must come from within.

Our Solutions

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Ceo Of Your Own Career Leadership Development Programme

Ceo Of Your Own Career Leadership Development Programme Grayfeather Consulting has developed an integrated management and leadership development programme that builds systematically on the knowledge of employees, from when their only requirement is to be a leader of self, through to when they are the leader of a business. The...
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Future Fit Organisational And Job Architectures

Future Fit Organisational And Job Architectures We develop job frameworks that reflect the current and the future job architectures in the organisation. The Challenges Prior to the 4th Industrial Revolution, the management of jobs and structures in organisations were fairly simple and straightforward, but an exponential growth in technology has...
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Future Fit Employee Engagement Solutions

At Grayfeather Consulting we have adapted world-renowned Human Resources thought leader, Josh Bersin’s framework for engagement, for post-conditions. We use this framework as the basis for employee engagement audits, strategies, and plans.
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Strategic Performance Management Solutions

Strategic Performance Management Solutions At GrayFeather we have partnered with the best in the world in order to help us accelerate the adoption of new ways of working in the organisations we work with. Working in sync with Teamphoria, we have developed collateral and interventions that fast forward your ability...
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Agile Transformation Solution

Agile transformation is a systemic change for an organisation that requires change in mindset, culture, leadership, structure and work practices. Grayfeather takes a comprehensive approach to Agile transformation through a systematic approach.
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Future Fit Human Resources Development Programme

Our 12-module learning programme for HR and People practitioners is designed to provide HR teams with the knowledge of the systemic trends and developments related to organisations, and how the People function needs to change to be relevant for the digital age.
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