Our Values

Our driving values are our guiding principles and our compass for decision making, working, and how we treat one another. We look to work with people share our values and desire to make organisations and those that work within them, all they can be.

Relationships filled with Love, Kindness and Fairness

It is all there is, and we will do all we can to grow and deepen all relationships through open communication and connection. We will not judge but rather remember that everyone comes from a different perspective. We are fair in how we treat people, pay people and deal with clients.

Enduring Curiosity

As the bedrock of learning, as an enabler for growth and the willingness to receive feedback.

Deep appreciation for the good in humanity

It’s what we believe in and seek as a counter-narrative to some of the despair and negativity around us in the world today.

Demonstrated Authenticity, Integrity and Honesty

In all we do, all the time. With our clients, partners, suppliers and community of professionals.

Choice and Freedom

To become whomever we wish to become and to challenge the norms.


To think different and have have the difficult conversations both internally and with clients.

Systemic Thinking

Offering solutions that go to the heart of the matter, not just the obvious need.

Delivery Excellence

We do what we promise in the time we agree with integrity and by honouring the brand.

GrayFeather is a global network of of evangelists, architects and transformers who passionately believe in creating a better, kinder and more effective workplace of the future, ready to cope with the new challenges of the digital age.

A workplace that enables all its people to be the best version of themselves for the benefit of all its stakeholder community.

About Us


Change of global organisational philosophy​ to focus on creating kinder, inclusive and empowered workplaces of the future.​


Create value by enabling organisations to reinvent their futures through the conditions they create in order for their people to thrive.​


Global network of organisational architects offering a different point of view, empowered by each other, & enabled by technology​.

Some of the organisations whose teams we’ve helped on their journey to become Future Fit: