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Know Thyself

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Why is behaviour so unpredictable?

Because so many factors influence it, from personality, to emotions, to your DNA, to culture, and more.

And as people in organisations looking to become future fit, why is it so important to know this?

Because for all of us to become better human beings, better team members, or better leaders, we can’t do that effectively if we don’t understand our own behaviours and the impact we have on people around us.

A future organisation is a living organism that requires seamless knowledge sharing and collaboration. That is impossible to do effectively if we don’t understanding your own behaviours…

– Why do you respond the way you do?

– What are your triggers?

– What are your blind spots?

– How does that influence the people around you?

Becoming a “leader of self” is a critical prerequisite for all employees in a modern organisation and it’s something often overlooked in many leadership programmes.