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I think I should go on X-Factor. Or should I?

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I’m really not a fan of Idols or X-Factor, but I am fascinated with the fact that many of the people that audition have very delusional ideas of their strengths and weaknesses.

It reminds me so much of many leaders or employees I speak to or work with, in the organisations we consult to at GrayFeather.

Not that I go in and they start singing to me. Although that would be pretty awesome.

It’s the idea that many of us think we might be a good leader, or a good parent, or a good listener, etc. When an objective assessment may indicate differently.

The reason I’m talk about this is because we’ve been working on our leadership development programme recently and it’s something that just keep coming up for me…

Blind Spots!!

To be a Future Fit employee or leader in an organisation it’s critical to know you have “Blind Spots”.

More importantly it’s important to better understand them, and then with an open mind, explore them further.

Why? Because they impact your behaviour and that in turn impacts the organisation around you.

Your blind spots could be leading you to the wrong decision making or they could be holding you back from being everything you could be.

How often do we see people that play down their abilities or do not believe in their abilities?

How often do we do it ourselves?

We all have blind spots when it comes to our abilities and the first step in accurate self-assessment is to acknowledge that you may have a blind spot. 

A  good model in psychology that illustrates this phenomenon is called the Johari window:

Johari Window

So my message to everyone is to try and uncover your blind spots then explore them further

Great leadership starts with leader of self. Understanding who you are, how you act, and your impact on other.