Primed to Perform - Building an Adaptive Culture

Lindsay McGregor and Neel Doshi, authors of Primed to Perform, evangelise the need to balance strategic performance with adaptive performance. One is Yin to the other’s Yang. Organisations tend to be good at following a plan (strategic performance) but when circumstances change, the strategic performance culture is so strong that people are unable to adapt. By focusing more on adaptive performance, an organisation will start to see greater creativity, problem-solving, grit, innovation, and citizenship.

Adaptability is about one’s internal ability to change. As an individual, do you have the ability to reconfigure yourself for change? As an organisation, do your people have the mindset for adjusting to changing circumstances?

How your people respond (or don’t respond) is driven by specific motivations. As leaders, what motivations are you driving via the culture you have created? And how can you shift those motivations to drive the performance you are after from your team.

See Real Change In Your Team

Our comprehensive development program for your senior leadership and middle management team combines learning and practical implementation to create the adaptive culture online in the book “Primed to Perform”. 

This immersive program will be conducted over a series of 7 x 2-hour sessions (over a 6-month period).

By the end of this program, participants will acquire a deeper understanding of the dynamics and motivations that underpin adaptive performance and with that will be equipped to foster a higher performing culture.

The team will be introduced to a culture change framework that over the 6-month period will be used to explore the positive and negative motivational drivers of adaptive performance, specifically within your own organisations current culture. This will be used to create tangible plans of action to shift the behaviours of your team to your desired outcomes.

Become More Adaptive

Not only do the sessions provide leadership with a better understanding of Primed to Perform and clear actionable plans, but they will also develop a better understanding of themselves and their impact on others.

Team exercises and activities are always embedded into stories or discussions of relevant business issues, so they never feel theoretical or too ‘touchy-feely’.

Programme Outcomes

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