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Whatever your people management or human resources requirement, GrayFeather Consulting will provide the capacity, expertise and insight necessary to make your people your key to organisational success. Whether you need HR staff, an on-­site consultant to manage your people challenges or assistance with a complex HR solution, speak to us for the right expertise.

Enable Human Resources

Human Resources are on the cusp of failing as a function or becoming exceedingly important to modern organisations. In an agile, work-from-home, Gig economy the role of HR is rapidly transforming, and the way HR works have to change significantly.

We assist HR teams by enabling them for the future of work through a range of offerings:

  • HR strategy development to achieve future readiness
  • Coaching for HR leaders
  • Designing, developing and delivery HR strategic projects for:
    • Learning and Development
    • Recruitment
    • Performance Management
    • Recognitions
    • Talent Management
    • Organisational Design
  • HR process and policy redesign
  • HR digital strategies and system selection
  • HR system and platform optimization
  • Talent Management Programme And Process Design
  • Workforce Planning And Gig Workers
  • HR Research

Future Fit HR Learning Programme

In the 4th Industrial Revolution, the role that Human Resources play in the organisation will be radically transformed. HR will be the main driver and custodian of organisational transformation. Our programme prepares

HR Practitioners (both business partners and strategic HR) for the new challenges they will need to face/engage with.

“Every organisation needs to understand, Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.” – Steve Wynn

Our twelve module Future Fit HR Programme will provide all HR employees with the insights and the skills to be ready for supporting the organisation’s journey into the future.

Our modules include a focus on:

  • New world of work
  • A human view of employees
  • Organisational culture and capability deep dive
  • Emerging organisational designs and models
  • Managing jobs in the 4th IR and rethinking skills
  • The three most important competencies for the 4th IR
  • Emerging ways of leading and management
  • The changing role of HR and new models of delivery for HR
  • Business basics for HR practitioners
  • A digital primer for HR
  • The future of HR metrics and analytics

All courses and workshops are available in person or virtual, content and duration can be customized for client requirements.

Enable Employees

Our social institutions and education are still preparing children for the working  in the Industrial World. Organisations will need to re-skill employees to prepare them to be proactive employees with agency that can contribute in the knowledge driven workplace.

Gray feather’s range of offerings have been designed to entertain, coach and develop your employees into a new perspective of their careers. We offer coaching, workshops and our flagship development programme, CEO of your own career.

CEO of Your Own Career

This programme has been developed to provide employees with an integrated skills set to help them become future fit. The programme consists of 8 modules focused on:

  • Achieving emotional maturity
  • Effective communication across organisational levels
  • Time management that will buy you time
  • Managing your work like a pro
  • Managing your manager
  • Career planning in exponential times
  • Playing your part in a team
  • Keeping your customer happy
  • Three critical skills for the 4th IR
  • Unleash your personal creativity to become and innovation whizz

All courses and workshops are available in person or virtual, content and duration can be customized for client requirements.


We do one on one coaching with employees and offer a range of workshops for company town hall meetings to get employees to think about work in the 21st century.

Topics include:

  • The new world of work
  • Living in exponential times
  • Hey, what happened to my career?
  • A degree is not enough.

Employee Coaching

Personal coaching for employees who need guidance in making the transformation

Transform Leadership

Leaders Under Pressure

Leaders of organisations have never faced as big a challenge as they do today where they have to forget the lessons learnt over many years and re-invent and transform strategy, organisation and their role.

It begins with awareness and insights about the scope and systemic nature of the evolution of organisations now underway. Grayfeather can assist with bespoke workshops, coaching and training to help leaders get to grips with the exponential world and its impacts on all facets of business.

A New Approach to Management

In modern organisations the role of the manager changes from monitor to enabler. Managers need a new range of beliefs, competencies and skills to fulfil their new role. Managers now need a wide range of skills that equip them with dealing with complexity, to astute critical thinking, from deep insight into human psychology to the impact of digital. Grayfeather offers a bespoke range of engagements to equip managers for this new set of responsibilities.

Rethink Leadership Development

Leadership development programmes in organisations are based on an outdated mode of thinking about the nature of the organisation and role of leaders and mangers. Allow us to re-think and re-shape your leadership and management development programmes to meet the demands of a modern world.

Become Agile

Agile Transformation

Agile is flexible, it is the ability to move quickly and easily. It is what every organisation now needs to be, but old traditions, hierarchies and cultures mean that organisations often face failure before they become agile. Agile is a project management practice, but agile is also an organisational culture that promotes proactive, empowered and innovative employees to build successful entities.

We assist organisation to become agile by partnering with them to:

  • Transform the culture
  • Redesign the structure
  • Change the roles and responsibilities
  • Implement agile practices, tools and methodologies
  • Develop the skills and capabilities of the agile organisation training and coaching

Agile HR

In agile organisations, Human Resources can play a key role and we assist these teams to:

  • Become familiar with agile thinking, practices and methods
  • Identify and update HR processes and practices that need to transform
  • Develop a design thinking capability
  • Transform the HR department to become more agile

Become Digital

Digital Transformation and Readiness

Every organisation will need to become an IT organisation with digital technologies underpinning process, product and practice. But most employees are not digitally literate enough to meet the challenge and organisational cultures have not absorbed digital into the DNA of the organisation.

We work with organisations to create the culture, competence, structures and practices to become digitally enabled.

Our product offering include:

  • Digital Cultural Transformation
  • Thinking Digital for Leaders
  • Digital Skills for non-­Digital Managers
  • Basic Digital Skills for Employees
  • Our expert partners for Digital Transformations are WCC.

Information Technology Talent Management

We also partner with Information Technology Companies and internal IT Departments to assist them to source, engage and retain the best fit technology talent for their company. Our offerings in this space include:

  • IT talent sourcing
  • IT job framework development
  • IT job description development and alignment
  • IT certification management
  • IT career path development
  • IT job grading
  • IT talent strategy development

Our Digital Development Programmes

Digital technologies will be at the core of our organisations in future and an good understanding will be as important as literacy in every job. Grayfeather offers you two digital development programmes specially designed for leaders and managers.

The topics that are covered in the two development programmes prepare executives and non-technical managers to operate in a digital culture.

All courses and workshops are available in person or virtual, content and duration can be customized for client requirements.

Transform Culture

Cultural Transformation and Change

In the modern economy, culture has become the most valuable component of organisations. The culture determines everything that happens in an organisation. From the products the organisation produces, to the people you hire.  Are you wondering what you can do to make your organisation more innovative, smarter and more responsive. And in a post-Covid world, how you can keep your employees engaged and aligned even if they are working from home.

“A firm’s culture helps determine whether it succeeds, fails, or limps along. It shapes the firm’s responses when transformative new technologies appear.  One of the critical roles of the entrepreneur is to create space for new firm cultures.” – Ryan Avent, The Wealth of Humans

Grayfeather supports organisations in changing their culture systemically. We work with you to uncover the current beliefs and assumptions holding back your progress and plan systematically to change first the beliefs and then the behaviors.

Cultural Training

If culture is a key component to the successful future proofing of businesses, you can no longer afford to outsource culture formation and management to external providers. Every leader and Human Resources specialist in the organisation need to have a deep understanding of what culture is and how it works.

Grayfeather offers training courses for both leaders and HR practitioners to orientate and prepare them to a working world where culture is key.

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