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Overview and events

The most valuable tools to achieve success in the future will be broad knowledge and well developed cognitive skills. Grayfeather Consulting believes strongly in the value of continuous learning and reflection. We offer a number of courses, events and articles to help workers at all
levels develop the skills for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Upcoming events

14 October 2020Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace with Creativity Connect10h00 – 12h00FreeVIRTUAL WORKSHOPClick Here
11 November 2020The Imperative of Cultural Change in Organisations with WWC10h00 – 12h00FreeVIRTUAL WORKSHOPDetails to follow
25 November 2020Understanding why Information Technology needs a different Talent Management approach10h00 – 12h00FreeVIRTUAL WORKSHOPDetails to follow
10 December 2020The problem with your Leadership Development Programme10h00 – 12h00FreeVIRTUAL WORKSHOPDetails to follow

Recent events

Understanding Organisational Creativity

On 17 July 2019, Grayfeather partnered with Creativity Wake-Up to present a morning workshop on Understanding Organisational Creativity. The venue was the stunning building and gardens at the Norval Foundation. Everyone enjoyed a great morning of conversation, networking and learning.

Creativity In The Workplace

On Friday 28 June 2019, Grayfeather Consulting partnered with Creativity to Connect to host an open day on creativity in the workplace. It was a fun and stimulating morning with all our participants being challenged to discover their own creativity.

88BCAfrica Female Founder Awards

Grayfeather Consulting is a proud member of the 88 Business Collective (88BC) and on Tuesday 27 November 2018, the 88BC hosted their first awards honouring their sponsors, including ABSA, PWC and Santam and the graduates of their first business bootcamp. Incredible women achieving great success. Special kudos to Antoinette Prophy for being a resilient and tenacious founder of the collective.

Internet Solutions course

The Internet Solutions HR team attended our Organisational Culture course on 23 November 2018. A fantastic engagement and robust debate made for a wonderful learning opportunity. IS has some of the most beautiful corporate offices in South Africa!

Getting to Grips with Organisational Culture

We hosted the first Johannesburg based course on culture on the 22nd of November 2018. Wonderful conversations and deep insights were fostered. The host, Marriott Balalaika Hotel, was awesome and provided a great service.

Digital Organisations Enabled by HR

On 23 February 2018, Grayfeather held a company launch event at the Clocktower at the Cape Town Waterfront. Guests enjoyed a breakfast whilst listening to some of the HR trends being influenced by the rise of the Digital Organisation.

This was the first of many regular events that Grayfeather will host.

Our training programmes

We have developed a number of courses and curricula to support Human Resources, leaders and employees in organisations transforming for a successful future.

All our curricula are available as full or customised curricula or as stand alone courses.

We also offer organisation specific training or public courses.
Read more about our courses and curricula:

FutureReady for Human Resource Practitioners

This development programme prepares Human Resources practitioners for the organisational transformation and changes that will result from the 4rth IR. It enables them to refresh and update their skillset to be relevant in the new world of work.

The programme consists of 12 modules that deals with wide ranging topics from the future of work to emerging organisational forms and the learning from neuroscience when it comes to workplace psychology.

FutureReady for Leaders

Organisations are evolving and the role of the leader is to. In a workplace characterised by the devolution of decision making, power yielded by expert knowledge workers and leaders that have to lead with reduced authority, old style leadership programmes will not prepare leaders for the future. The role of the manager is disappearing and organisations are not sure how to prepare for this trend and how to repurpose managers.

FutureReady for Leaders focusses on three levels of awareness for leaders:

  1. Changes in the Macro Environment of Organisations (2 Modules)
  2. Changes in Leading and Management practices (3 Modules)
  3. Key Skills and Competencies for 4th IR Managers (5 Modules)

This programme consists of 10 modules and our clients can customise the programme as per their requirements.

DigitallyFit Mini MBA for Leaders

This 5 module programme gives leaders an insight about the digital developments that are causing the most significant changes in the world and the impact of these developments on the organisation. How should strategy, business model design, organisational design, product choices and the client be approached in a world where digital has upended so many of our traditionally held business assumptions.

CEO of Your Own Career for Employees

Not only will organisations have to transform to meet the demands of the 4th IR, employees will have to learn to take a proactive and self-managing approach to work. Our CEO of Your Own Career teaches young people, students, graduates and employees the skills they will need to thrive in the future. From emotional mastery to self, leadership, managing your work and creativity, this skillset will set attendees up for a successful future.

DigitallyFit for non-Technology Managers

All organisations are now digital enterprises at their core and managers from all functions need be digitally literate enough to participate in the organisation and make the right digital decisions. This six module programme proved non-technical leaders with the necessary knowledge and technical understanding to be able to participate in the digital conversation.

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