Organisations are transforming

A number of global forces are upending the world as we know it. Together these forces are commonly referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution and they are causing one of the most important and significant shifts in society since the dawn of mankind.

Accelerating digital change increases the pace of disruption

Increasing environmental degradation results in declining consumerism

Pervasive citizen empowerment upends old ways of doing

Expanding complexity presents new problems and challenges

Growing income inequality drives a new social consciousness

These forces are influencing and changing all aspects of society, but especially our organisations. Current organisations are remnants of the Industrial Revolution and our structure, work practices, management practices and cultures are outdated and ineffective in the 21st century.

Globally organisations are transforming to a new mode of operations, thinking and being in the world. Agile, social organisations, green organisations, stakeholder capitalism and democratised employees are all terms associated with this transformation. The most significant changes that organisations will experience in their existence.

Grayfeather is your partner in this transformation journey.

Learn more about the forces of changes and the impact on the world.

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What we do

Grayfeather Consulting is a consultancy and professional services company focussing on delivering Organisational Design (OD) services that enable organisations to thrive and survive in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

All organisations and their employees are currently facing a tremendous number of challenges in trying to survive in a post-covid, post-industrial, global and automated world. We assist organisations to gain the knowledge, design the solutions and plot the transformation paths  to move into the new world of work.

Everyday we observe organisations in urgent need of transformation and we consult and offer services in the six key areas that are important for transformation:
(We also offer a range of training and development products in these six focus areas.)

Our products

We aim to bring the future forward and transform HR teams and practices, contributing to creating a happy workplaces for all employees. Essentially enabling Human Resources and assisting to evolve their thinking and skillset to the now that is needed. Read more about each product category by clicking on the area you are interested in.

Enable human

Development programme to prepare Human Resources for the 4th Industrial Revolution & beyond.


Assist employees to develop the personal leadership required in future fit organisations.


Work with organisations to create the cultures, structures and practices to become agile.


Help leaders on the journey to leadership mindset, skills & abilities for the future fit organisation.


Support companies to analyse current cultures and to chart a journey to evolve the culture.


Work with organisations to create the cultures, structures and practices to become digitally enabled.

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