Should Human Resources manage the organisational culture?

November 8, 2018

Charles Handy defined culture simply as the way we do things around here, but if you look at Edgar Schein’s definition it becomes clear how encompassing culture is in the organisation: Culture is a pattern of shared tacit assumptions that was learned by a group as it solved its problems of external adaptation and internal… View Article

Coping with a drought of knowledge in a flood of information

June 19, 2018

“I am desperately looking for benchmarks and best practices for international recruitment operations” a friend mentions over coffee. Simplistically I use the general coverall of our times and ask him, “have you Googled it?”. Of course, the answer was “yes”. Google is our automatic go-to when we need any information or expertise, but what if,… View Article

What are HR’s responsibilities when it comes to the digital organisation?

March 6, 2018

At a recent breakfast hosted by Grayfeather Consulting in Cape Town, the discussion focused on the Digital Organisation. Examples from the business world like UBER and AMAZON show that all business will need to have a digital strategy in the near future or face possible obsolescence. Many make the mistake to think that the digital… View Article

Corporate culture in the here and now

January 29, 2018

So much has been written on the topic of company culture and its impact on the talent management dimensions. How important is company culture really? Do all generations care about a healthy culture? Does it matter if the culture is toxic or healthy? Most of us understand that an organisation’s culture is really based on… View Article

Will your top performer today be the under performer of tomorrow?

December 13, 2017

A New Principle for Modern Organisations: Retained to the Point of Incompetence. Many of you will be familiar with the Peter Principle. It is a concept in management theory, which states that people in organisations are promoted until they reach their level of incompetence.  By deduction many senior people in organisations may be incompetent in… View Article